About us

We have been providing quality IT services in the ICT industry since 2008. We are a group of highly motivated, passionate, innovative and hardworking professionals ensures the quality services to our potential clients. The company promises to provide excellent IT services to the broader community around the globe. We have highly skilled and professional staff to understand and cater any business needs. Our experienced research team guides our clients to find the right solution and right product to deliver extensive high caliber experience as well as  helps to achieve the best outcome through out the project life cycle. Our services are quality oriented rather than money making. We have strong ethical working group who are fully devoted to deliver any projects in a specific timeline.

We do not only design websites but also do research for our clients to find the best solution and deal before engaging to our company. We consider our clients as a member of our family.

We started with two offices, one in Chittagong, Bangladesh and the other in Perth, Australia. We endeavor to engage with any opportunities in the government and non-government agencies.

The organisation is also aimed to create job opportunities for our IT graduates who are looking for a job and/or trying to get some experience in practical hand. We also provide advanced training in Programming, Networking, web design, graphic design etc.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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