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We are experienced in small business network setup and server management. We help our clients to make the best decision in terms of decision making on the hardware and software purchases. We provide affordable data backup plan and disaster recovery plan for your valuable business.

Onsite and remote supports are available to help to fix any IT issues. Our experienced technicians are capable of handling any sort of complex server and network issues.

We provide IT support to the local medical centres in Perth with very affordable prices. We are experienced in configuring and setting up the popular BestPractice and the Medical Director patient management system with other third-party integrations for pathology result downloads and bookings.

Windows Server 2012

We provide extensive support to the Windows server and supply hardware as per client’s requirements. Some of the services are –

  • Active Directory
  • DHCP Server
  • Firewall and NAT
  • File and Application Server
  • Backup management
  • Server Security

Network and Router Setup

  • Firewall rules
  • Configure managed and unmanaged routers

Best Practice Software

Medical Director Clinical


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